This is an article published this week from Kate  Jones. Kate contacted me to contribute to the article. Happy reading     Getting notice to vacate can come as a nasty surprise for tenants, but it doesn’t have to be all bad news. Landlords can ask tenants to leave before a lease ends if […]

Houses and blocks of land becoming smaller

“A new Great Australian Dream would look more like a row of terraces than a McMansion” The great Australian dream of owning a house on a quarter-acre block, while unrealistic for many first homeowners lends itself to investors wanting multiple properties with the goal of comfortable retirement income. NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes said at an Urban Development Institute […]

Negative Gearing

Negative Gearing and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) discount Is negative gearing and the CGT discount the problem? It is fair to say that many firms and commentators and polarized on this issue. Everyone has an opinion, many come from a position of the ill-informed. There are so many considerations here it is remiss of anyone […]

Moving toward no aged pension in the future

Nationally, the problem that needs to be solved is inequity, so more people can have a dignified life, rather than working until the age of 80 then preparing to die. We have all heard and begun to believe that there may not be a pension in 20 years time. I believe there will be, but […]

Interest only loans: what you must know

Interest only (I/O) For a period of time, usually 5 years, the borrower only has to make interest repayments on the mortgage, and does not need to pay back any of the money borrowed during that time. Many if not most investors do this for all their investment properties to aid them in building a […]

The living expense calculation that could see you lose your investment deposit and inhibit you borrowing more money

More than 1.5million Australians have borrowed money to invest in property, and one of the greatest concerns emerging for investment borrowers, and the brokers submitting deals on their behalf, is the changing assessments of investment borrowing. Thanks to the living expense calculation now carried out by more and more lenders, many would-be-borrowers are failing to […]