The Block, Tv illusions and make believe?

I came across this article, from Tyron Hyde, Washington Brown. I considered attending the auction, but no point. Tyron, arguably makes some good points below. I’d love to see the TV network try to prove otherwise.   Is The Block the world’s worst development? Washington Brown has crunched the numbers on The Block’s latest development […] article

This is an article published this week from Kate  Jones. Kate contacted me to contribute to the article. Happy reading     Getting notice to vacate can come as a nasty surprise for tenants, but it doesn’t have to be all bad news. Landlords can ask tenants to leave before a lease ends if […]

Houses and blocks of land becoming smaller

“A new Great Australian Dream would look more like a row of terraces than a McMansion” The great Australian dream of owning a house on a quarter-acre block, while unrealistic for many first homeowners lends itself to investors wanting multiple properties with the goal of comfortable retirement income. NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes said at an Urban Development Institute […]

Need to invest for the future, the Government will not help you

Importance of Property Investing I wrote in my book that I fail to see how the government will afford to support people in retirement in the future and the feeling of entitlement many have for the pension will forcibly be tempered with the reality that it just won’t happen. People really need to take a […]

Supreme court ruling in landlords favour

Justice prevails for landlord, sometimes tenants can do things that are inappropriate and unacceptable and down right greedy.