fantasy and fiction

The below article in my opinion is such nonsense I think it unnecessarily wasted good paper. Melbourne has over 26000 off the plan apartments coming online in the next 12 months. Vacancy rates in Docklands is 22% and Southbank is 12% then I see this nonsense in this article.

interest rates


I read this article which provides some encouraging news for investors. The Reserve Bank of Australia has confirmed the official cash rate is likely to remain at 2.5 per cent “for some time” .

Sorting the Spruikers from the Specialists


My Blog in the Smart Property Investment Publication talks about Property Advice “A more recent phenomenon is that organisations are presenting seminars promoting themselves as being

invest or retire with nothing


A Government works like a business, but unlike a good business, it is running insolvently in Australia and many other countries. It has revenue and expenses but its expenses are greater than its revenue, and it is getting worse. A surplus is when there is more revenue than expenses, a def

property spruikers may be aided by changes in Qld law

dummy-image Real estate agents in Queensland will no longer be required to disclose their commission to buyers or stick to a maximum commission limit under new

Property Observer sunshine coast, hotspot or not


Property observer Property advice I read this article from Matusik in the property observer, I do beg the question how one hospital can really change the face of the area, it is absurd really to think it will. Yet every developer is spruiking it as well. developers tend to over s

busting the myth of property bubble


“all sorts of evidence that makes nonsense of the idea that real estate markets are grinding to a halt, in Sydney and elsewhere. There is, for example, the evidence that sales volumes in the March quarter were the highest for any March quarter in the past five years (http://www.propertyobserver

Alan Kohler


Importance of Property Investing I wrote in my book that I fail to see how the government will afford to support people in retirement in the future and the feeling of entitlement many have for the pension will forcibly be tempered with the reality that it just won’t happen. People re

auction clearance rates


Clearance rates remain strong as volumes increase This is interesting as it concludes that whilst October is typically a sellers market, sellers will become more desperate in November, they will be more prepared to negotiate when they have been unable to sell their property, and it will become a buyers market. Timing is important for […]

Westpac, rates drop prediction


Interest Rates Momentum is building for official interest rate cuts with Westpac’s Bill Evans becoming the first of the big four bank economists to predict the Reserve Bank of Australia will move as early as February. Mr Evans said cuts were needed after a “shocking” set of n