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Importance of Property Investing I wrote in my book that I fail to see how the government will afford to support people in retirement in the future and the feeling of entitlement many have for the pension will forcibly be tempered with the reality that it just won’t happen. People re

auction clearance rates


Clearance rates remain strong as volumes increase This is interesting as it concludes that whilst October is typically a sellers market, sellers will become more desperate in November, they will be more prepared to negotiate when they have been unable to sell their property, and it will become a buyers market. Timing is important for […]

Westpac, rates drop prediction


Interest Rates Momentum is building for official interest rate cuts with Westpac’s Bill Evans becoming the first of the big four bank economists to predict the Reserve Bank of Australia will move as early as February. Mr Evans said cuts were needed after a “shocking” set of n

should you fix your interest rate


You can be better off with fixing your rate half the time according to the below article I cam across. Remember, there is no right or wrong with fixing. It comes down to your risk tolerance, that is all, do you need to know what you are paying next month and next year? “Researcher Canstar, […]

rent versus buy


A few months ago I wrote an article for the Financial Review Smart Investor discussing whether it was better for wealth creation if one was to rent and buy investment properties or purchase an owner occupied premises then later on purchase an investment. I concluded it was better to consider ren

Line of Credit and Offset Account


Line of Credit and Offset Attached is a link to a Line of Credit and also an Offset account. I contributed to the LOC article. It highlights that clearly an Offset Account is better. A LOC is dangerous in the wrong hands.

positive credit reporting


Positive credit reporting (part 1 of 4 due to limit of test here) Mortgage Brokers Many brokers are not aware what this will mean for their clients as very little has come about as yet. There are 4 main levels of credit reporting which lenders can choose to partake in. The potential

Positive credit reporting


check out my article in the Adviser Magazine Blog

fixed rates


This is an interesting article in property observer “It appears that the floor hasn’t been seen for some home loan products, with Greater Building Society cutting their fixed rates on two, three, four and five year fixed rates for its packaged home loan, the Ultimate Home Loan


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I attended a conference in Hawaii last week. Leaving Melbourne on Wednesday at 10pm from Sydney I arrived at 10am Wednesday in Hawaii, 21 hours behind. A couple of clients joined me, we relaxed by the beach all of Wednesday and had some Pina Coladas. Thursday we went scuba diving in the