Building inspections, property manager, insurance provider, quantity surveyor, accountant, financial planner, conveyancer, mortgage broker


Over the years I have dealt with many different professionals, some more professional and knowledgable and experienced than others. Over that time, I have sifted the good from the bad and have surrounded myself with people that I can trust and rely on, and do a great job. The following people. If you have the need for any of these professions, please let me know. Some are Melbourne centric, and some can deal with you anywhere.


A referral is often better than someone you don’t know.


Property Inspector

Property manager/ rental manager

Insurance provider

Quantity surveyor


Financial planner


Mortgage Broker




Competitive gas and electricity provider


Test and tag person, personal trainer, recruitment agent, physio, myotherapist, printer, sign writer, Builder, Gardner, OH & S specialist . and many more.


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