ME BANK Survey

Consumers often fail on many fronts when it comes to securing their future. Often it is due to being less than adequately educated on these matters. This article highlights how uneducated people actually are when it comes to their home loan, and how a few simple questions can save them potentially hundreds of thousands of […]

Using a Mortgage Broker, WHY it is a must

This is an interesting article, which reinforces why I wrote my book Property Finance Made Simple. ( Use a mortgage broker, do not go direct to a bank. Too many people continue to demonstrate naivety by going direct to a bank for a mortgage instead of using the services of a good mortgage broker. This […]

Property Finance Made Simple

Finance for renovation; Property Finance Made Simple   Ever wanted to know what is required from a finance perspective to renovate a property, structurally or non-structurally?   Firstly, obtain quotes, understand all costs involved from materials, labour, perhaps cost of accomodation if you need to move out temporarily. Any permissions needed, so if you […]