Commercial property investment: Commercial property and residential development made simple





To those who’ve never stuck a toe in the commercial property investment pond, the idea can appear complex, expensive and downright daunting.

But getting into the commercial property market – which includes any kind of real estate used for a business, from cafés and retail stores to car parks, warehouses and even doctor’s office – can be lucrative when done right.

Among the reasons why buying a commercial investment property can be a good idea are:

  • Portfolio diversification
  • Longer leases
  • Higher returns
  • Superannuation benefits
  • The tenants look after it.



I believe you must engage a Buyers Agent with every property purchase, Using a Buyers Agents/Buyers Advocate and Property Advisor is key to more property investment success. These are extracts from my latest book “The Australia Property Investment Handbook 2018-2019”. In all good book stores now. Also Read Property Finance Made Simple and Property Investing Made Simple. My latest book


The 100k Property Plan


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