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Financial Advice Most people do not realise that Financial Planners are not insured to provide advice on specific property. Some of them though receive kick backs from developers and marketing companies in return for pointing a client in that direction. Sometimes this is undisclosed


SMSF The SMSF industry is being destroyed by individuals providing advice when they have no right to, no education, or qualification. Now the mortgage insurers are reacting to protect people from these unscrupulous operators. It also includes marketing companies representing dev

Property Investing

My new book is soon to be released, please stay tuned, I anticipate March/April. I managed to get it off to the publisher whilst on holiday over January. I welcome your support in going onto at the time to download it. It will be there for an introductory price. The bo

Australia’s Economy

Australia’s Economy I believe Australia is looking to be possibly in a situation of stagflation. Inflation is rising, unemployment is also increasing. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) it has been suggested may have difficulty deciding what to do with interest rates. I disagree that the

What will the RBA do?

Interest rate movements I read recently that Bill Evan’s, Westpac’s chief economist believes rates will come down before the end of the year. Most economists believe rates will stay on hold. Evan’s, who foresaw the cycle easing back in 2011, has commented that unemployment will rise due to

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fantasy and fiction

The below article in my opinion is such nonsense I think it unnecessarily wasted good paper. Melbourne has over 26000 off the plan apartments coming online in the next 12 months. Vacancy rates in Docklands is 22% and Southbank is 12% then I see this nonsense in this article.