busting the myth of property bubble

“all sorts of evidence that makes nonsense of the idea that real estate markets are grinding to a halt, in Sydney and elsewhere. There is, for example, the evidence that sales volumes in the March quarter were the highest for any March quarter in the past five years.

There are the various arguments that have contributed to the BIS Shrapnel conclusion that Sydney will continue to show growth for the next couple of years.”

Terry Ryder spends more time analysing the market than most, so I would rather listen to him than some neysayer looking for publicity

Property Growth areas

There are many, and they are all around Australia. Avoid areas with the type of tenants that will disrespect your property, because of their race sometimes they may be hard to remove from your property. Here-sayand opinion but I can believe this especially if the rent they are paying is low which then would attract such people. Avoid growth areas with cheap housing due to this risk, this may include low population areas.
In regional towns, be very careful in considering buying outside of the town due to type of tenant


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