Houses and blocks of land becoming smaller

“A new Great Australian Dream would look more like a row of terraces than a McMansion” The great Australian dream of owning a house on a quarter-acre block, while unrealistic for many first homeowners lends itself to investors wanting multiple properties with the goal of comfortable retirement income. NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes said at an Urban Development Institute […]


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I attended a conference in Hawaii last week. Leaving Melbourne on Wednesday at 10pm from Sydney I arrived at 10am Wednesday in Hawaii, 21 hours behind. A couple of clients joined me, we relaxed by the beach all of Wednesday and had some Pina Coladas. Thursday we went scuba diving in the

Money Magazine


Money Magazine An extract of one of the chapters in my soon to be released book was published in the February edition of Money Magazine. Property Strategy

Invest In Hotspot


Around Mid- December last year I was asked to be involved in a website with Terry Ryder someone I respect enormously. After the 3 months it has been live, I have decided to no longer be a part of the website Invest In Hotspots as there are other paths that a align more closely with my serv …