Better Home and Gardens: 7 ways to boost your borrowing capacity.

7 ways to boost your borrowing capacity and land your dream home   There’s no point looking at dream homes if you don’t know what your budget is … or is there? “One of the most important factors buyers need to consider is how much they can borrow,” explains Andrew Crossley, property investment strategist […]

The living expense calculation that could see you lose your investment deposit and inhibit you borrowing more money

More than 1.5million Australians have borrowed money to invest in property, and one of the greatest concerns emerging for investment borrowers, and the brokers submitting deals on their behalf, is the changing assessments of investment borrowing. Thanks to the living expense calculation now carried out by more and more lenders, many would-be-borrowers are failing to […]

State of Australia’s investment property market

There are three topical issues with the property investment landscape in Australia. Property Boom; leading to an increased risk of a future price correction, some attention seekers are calling this a “Bubble” Lack of affordability for First Home Buyers in central areas Rising household debt, primarily, dangerous exposure to high ‘investment purpose’ debt This article […]

Property Observer article

I came across this article in Property Observer by Terry Ryder and really enjoyed reading it. It sums up the scenario that there are many out there that like to have their two cents worth to add to the media, much of which proves to be wrong, and full of hot air. Great stuff Terry

Do you want to know where to buy?

Most marketing companies represent specific and limited numbers of developers and thus may be considered vendors agents. If you would like someone who represents the buyer/ investor and has a client best interest approach then contact Australian Property Advisory Group.

Journalism on life support by Terry Ryder

Property Advice

“Andrew Crossley from Australian Property Advisory Group is one of the few independent Property Advisors in Australia. We work with investors in finding the right property for their individual needs. We are independent from any developer and marketing company and therefore have the buyer’s bes

The Election 2013

Election 08-Sep-2013 I came across this article this morning and I thought it was so appropriate. People often put their lives on hold for Christmas, Elections, Birthdays, Weddings, dinner parties, etc. Excuses just keep on coming, excuses to not take action in life… for a life. Most people

Investment Property search

Investment Property Search investing Our advisors have been trained by respected professionals that have worked with investors to create passive incomes from $2,000 to many thousands income per week over more than a decade. Best Investments The process our advisors use

Investment Property Prices

Investment Property I read an article this week talking about how property investors are making it more difficult for first home buyers to enter into the market. I immediately though of tall poppy syndrome. What a nanny state this article unintentionally or otherwise is portraying.