Property Advice

Clients best interest model Benefits of going to a Property Advisor No direct relationship with the vendor No property lined up to sell; property choice is guided by the client I help my clients do this by finding positive cash flow and/or capital growth pro

Property Advice and our services

Property Advisory Do you want to avoid Vested Interests in the property being sold to you, therefore do you want to avoid Marketing Companies? Do you want full disclosure on fees and avoid people not disclosing their fees and commissions? Do you want to avoid people simply trying t

Research and Property Advice

Advice Do you want to know where to buy? Do you want to understand how to lower the risk with buying an investment property? Have you made a past mistake and you want to avoid it? Where to buy is important but knowing what to buy in an area is also necessary?

Self Managed Super Funds

Self Managed Super Funds The question is should you use this as a vehicle to purchase property. The answer is go see your Financial Planner and do not trust anyone selling property. Do not think you can get advice from someone not licensed to provide it. It is like Property Advic

Strategy and Plan and Patience

Property Investment Strategy One of the core services I offer is helping people plan and incorporate a variety of strategies to achieve certain outcomes and goals. Without an outcome in mind or a goal you wish to achieve it is impossible to stay focused. I believe everyone needs

property advice and advocacy

In late December a new website was launched. ( I am pleased to be associated with Ric King and Terry Ryder. These are two of the most ethical people I have met and the site is designed to assist investors with investment property in

Property Strategy/ NRAS

NRAS Stay Tuned for my new article which will be published in the February edition of MONEY MAGAZINE Property Strategy This is one strategy from many that I am providing commentary on. What is unique is the objective nature of my commentary. There are many vested interests in th

Property Observer

I read an article of Terry Ryder recently It talked about Badgery Creek Airport , Sydney. Some very interesting points were mentioned such as other types of infrastructure attract more capital growth than an airport. This logic is far to often ignored by investors who ofte


NRAS This article in Property Observer points out that the new federal budget includes within in the cancellation of NRAS. This is a double edged sword. NRAS on a well purchased and researched property is useful for cash flow. Some people were foolish enough to buy a property just b