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Whilst it is difficult to predict hotspots and investing in hotspots over other locations being called hotspots it is useful to know where not to invest. Pay careful consideration before you investinhotspots any hotspot for that matter, as there is an opportunity cost

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Property Observer has listed some interesting infrastructure spending in Sydney 245350233

Property Observer

Property in Australia We are in the top 10 in the world, and Melbourne and Sydney are a couple of the most affordable cities

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If you want to know more about what we do in the way of Melbourne Property Advice , and Australian property advice, investment property Melbourne (which suburbs in Vic and around the country) , Property Advocacy Melbourne (sourcing investment properties all around Australia), P

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How much does an extra room add to a house’s value Is it worth paying for an extra bedroom? If it is a new property it could be a case of determining the size of the room, say 16sqm and multiply it by roughly $1,300 per sqm, but if buying established it could cost an

What to look for in a rental manager

DATE: 11-Oct-2014 Property Advice Melbourne What to look for in a rental manager Investment Advice Dealing successfully with rentals does require agents to have the knowledge, expertise, and systems in place to ensure that the property is managed properly. When

building a property portfolio

Property Investment Advisors Check out my recent TV appearance on channel 74, talking about building a property portfolio. Give me a call to purchase my #1 international best seller “Property Investing Made Simple” of visitwww.propertyinve

Buyers agents are so important

construction approvals and interest rates


Interest rates dropping will assist investors and their holding costs for property, and it could happen as soon as February The Westpac chief economist, Bill Evans still thinks February could be the best time for the RBA to start cutting rates. “In February it will only be by abo …