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At Australian Property Advisory Group, we can help you identify the finest property and negotiate to your advantage. You can immensely benefit from our experience and we will guide you through every step.

You may want to simply reduce risk and negative impact on lifestyle by having us locate a suitable property for your individual circumstances. There is a great deal of noise in the marketplace. House and Land, Off the Plan, new, second hand, regional, inner city, capital growth, cash flow, units, townhouses, duplexes, dual occupancies, but not every strategy is right for every client. We help you avoid the pain of someone aligned with the seller. We help you reduce the risk of a 300k+ mistake

All properties can be sourced from around Australia, we have no vested interests in any one State or in any property or property type over another property or property type.

If you want someone who represents the buyer, an ethical and professional service then call us before you do anything.

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