How to retire on $100k a year through property: The 100k Property Plan: Andrew Crossley

Andrew Crossley

100k Property plan


Retiring on $100,000 per year from property is a dream that many people have, or would like to have if they believe it to be possible. It certainly is possible, but isn’t for everyone. To determine if it’s possible, there are some basics an investor must consider and understand.

To start, the investor needs to have an assessment undertaken on their current situation, which includes their assets, liabilities, income, living expenses, surplus income each month, goals, risk appetite and risk profile, using a property adviser.

This should be done in conjunction with their borrowing capacity being determined, preferably using a mortgage broker to compare different lenders borrowing capacity calculators in order to maximise what can be borrowed……………….





I believe you must engage a Buyers Agent with every property purchase, Using a Buyers Agents/Buyers Advocate and Property Advisor is key to more property investment success. These are extracts from my latest book “The Australia Property Investment Handbook 2018-2019”. In all good book stores now. Also Read Property Finance Made Simple and Property Investing Made Simple.

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