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I read an article this week talking about how property investors are making it more difficult for first home buyers to enter into the market. I immediately though of tall poppy syndrome. What a nanny state this article unintentionally or otherwise is portraying.

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The Government cannot afford to fund the retirement of all the baby boomers, then they stupidly reduced the amount of money going into Superannuation to 25k pre tax contribution, thus extending the problem to Gen X and thus a snowballing effect of further stupidity is evident. By reducing the amount of money people can put into Superannuation, the Government are intentionally making it difficult for people to save money for the future.

Yes it means the Government make more money from more tax, based on less money going into Superannuation, but it is too little too late for baby boomers……The problem of not being able to fund Baby Boomers will most likely extend to Gen X retiring in 20-30 years based on questionable Government decisions.

Then along comes an article which wastes air time talking about the poor first home buyers, possibly creating the perception for some people that investors are bad to be building wealth. Laughable, straight into deleted items, which is why I have not named the article here, I could not be bothered finding it.

However, I located another article which makes some excellent points that I believe are on a similar topic, talking about another misguided willing participant in the world of being a nanny state. Great job.


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People really need to stop procrastinating and seek help. Avoid marketing companies and anyone who represents the vendor.

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