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Majority Of Aussies Feel ‘Right Now’ Is Time To Buy

I have talked to some people recently who again find excuses to wait, wait and wait. Thinking now is not a good time to buy. There are three rules

1. Never trust a spruiker
2. Never buy property from a Property Marketing Company
3. It is always a good time to buy, it just depends on where and what.
4. Seek advice.
The 4th point is a contentious issue. Some investors believe that when they have 2 or 3 properties they are suddenly an expert. No one is an expert with 3 properties. RIchard Branson does not know everything, he seeks advice, and has a team around him.
A smart person has a team around them, an ignorant person is someone with limited experience suddenly believing they know what they are doing.
check out this article
“Decided to purchase a property? You’re not alone. In fact, more than two thirds of Australians believe that now is a great time to buy.”

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