We offer mortgage broking, which is under the banner of Parker Finance. Please click on this link – https://www.parkerfinance.com.au/ This service is not related nor contingent on our buyer advocacy or property advisory services. It is mutually exclusive, with different information gathering forms. Obtaining the most appropriate finance is one of the core ingredients to a successful property purchase, in fact, doing a review on your current mortgage whether purchasing a property or not is so important to do on a regular basis. So many get it wrong by going to the wrong broker or worst still, directly to the bank. Please call for a complimentary discussion.


Mortgage brokers are the ideal people to seek advice from when purchasing a home. They are not simply agents who sell you home loans; rather, they are life partners who are dedicated to assisting you in achieving the Great Australian Dream, whether that be in the form of a principal place of residence or a better retirement through purchasing investment property.

Professional brokers can expedite the loan application process and boost your likelihood of approval from a suitable lender. They can understand your specific situation and work together to find a mortgage that fits your requirements.

Brokers are third-party intermediaries between a borrower and a lender. In terms of finding possible loans for their customer, the broker will gather information from the individual and contact several lenders. Finally, through this process, a Mortgage Broker located in Melbourne can save you hours of time finding the best fit for your needs. If you go directly to a lender, you will be sold only their products, using their borrowing capacity calculator, a broker can compare dozens of lender calculators to get you the best borrowing capacity and rate.

Applicants themselves are known to, somewhat inadvertently, create problems for themselves such as by shopping around for the best rate, making enquiries with different lenders, and by doing so, can degrade the quality of their own credit history. Each time a person shops around a hit on their credit history may be generated, making it less palatable for a lender to want to deal with that borrower.

A good Mortgage Broker located in Melbourne is there to help you understand the loan documents, and they shop around for you, without incurring credit hits on your credit file, before submitting your loan to the chosen lender. There are many lenders who do not deal directly with the public; they do not have branches, yet they can often provide equal to or much better solutions than just walking into a bank branch. Bank branches can place a great deal of pressure on their ‘in house’ loan writers, expecting them to cross sell insurance, financial planning services and other types of debt like credit cards and personal loans. They have volume targets and therefore are less like relationship managers and more like ‘order takers’.

Brokers can save you time, manage the loan’s progression from submission to settlement and be more easily contacted for updates than trying to get hold of someone at a branch.

A mortgage broker servicing Melbourne area and all of Victoria and Australia is vital, and I recommend using one for many reasons. One that stands out for anyone, whether you’re an up-sizer, downsizer, extender, refinancer, first homebuyer, first time investor or growing property investor, is that the broker can compare the borrowing capacity calculators of various lenders and the differing policies of those lenders when assessing acceptable income. 


The home buying process can be intimidating for many first-time buyers and investors. However, apart from searching listing sites for the ideal property, possibly attending auctions, and analysing the market, you must gain comfort from knowing you can borrow what you need. We as your Mortgage Broker located in Melbourne can help you do that. Andrew is the best-selling author of Property Finance Made Simple and has been in the finance industry for 15 years.

Andrew Crossley can relieve you of the stress of finding the ideal home loan. We represent you the borrower, not the bank. Furthermore, our services are based on elements such as objectivity, client centric, fact-based information, and qualified and professional assistance. 


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