Five Tips To Choose A Right Property Buyer’s Agent

Five tips to choose a right property buyer’s agent

Buying a home for the first time can be a daunting task, especially when you carry out the entire process all by yourself. Sailing in rough seas alone in the real estate arena requires robust decision making, along with an all-around knowledge of the market. Thus, newbie investors and buyers often turn to real estate agents while deciding on the perfect property to buy.

Buyers’ agents can act as a one-stop solution to all the concerns faced by potential buyers, while assisting buyers in their quest to find a suitable property. Buyers’ agents (BA’s) can offer valuable guidance to the buyer and a property advisor can provide property advice that a buyer’s agent may not be able to. Both these services are light years better than using a real estate agent. Why? A real estate agent sells property, they represent the seller not the buyer.

Aligning your goals and being transparent with your BA can make property buying easier for you. In fact, buyers with little to no knowledge about the workings of the housing market can rely on an experienced BA to make a judgement for them.

However, with the vast availability of people in the property industry, many calling themselves experts when they are far from it, it can become extremely challenging to find a true buyer’s agent who is dependable and gives preference to your likes and dislikes. In this backdrop, let us discuss a few tips that can help potential buyers pick a trustworthy buyer’s agent who is right for them:

1. Research well

While every BA would try to sell their services with an impressive sales pitch, it is essential for the buyer to know the BA’s experience, education, if they have written any books, and whether the BA will manage the relationship or palm you off at the first opportunity to some 23-year-old in a cheap suit. Potential buyers should first ensure that the BA is willing to prioritize their needs and is dependable. Even if the BA has a great sales pitch, you should ensure to ask the earlier questions.

Buyers can also consider cross-checking the information given by a BA with other agents or with professionals who are aware of market movements. This will provide buyers a fair idea about the BA’s intentions and genuineness.

2. Be clear about your interests

Do not hesitate to be transparent about your requirements. A good BA would listen to your needs and modify their research accordingly to deliver the best results. Thus, any BA who seems willing to adapt to your requirements may be trusted to guide you on the property buying decision. Avoid BA’s who specifically focus on only one thing or another, i.e., million-dollar properties if you wish to buy something elsewhere or at a lower price.

3. Ensure you choose a compliant BA

Even when an BA knows their job well, it is possible that they do not have the education or qualification to operate in the market. Therefore, it is essential for the buyer to ask about credentials.

4. The old-fashioned referral way still works

Modern-day technology has brought information so close that everything is now just a click away. But when it comes to critical decisions, most of us still prefer word of mouth recommendations over internet reviews.

If you cannot find a suitable BA through online research, go back to the old-fashioned way of choosing a BA who has helped someone in your social circle in picking their perfect house or investment.

5. Trust your instincts

Finally, even after covering off on the above, do not worry if you feel that the BA is not a perfect fit for you. REBAA and PIPA are good sources for finding a BA, of course, visiting my website ought to be as far as you need to go.

In a nutshell, finding a BA can be challenging when there are many choices out there. However, with good research, and several conversations, I am confident you will find a good one. Some crucial attributes to look for are education, experience, not a restricted attitude, not selling anything, compliant, a member of a recognized body, qualifications, and you are able to get on well. It should be an enjoyable experience for you.  


Andrew Crossley Mr. Kunal Sawhney
CEO Australian Property Advisory Group CEO, Kalkine Group

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