Besides being autonomous of developers, marketing companies and property providers, we actively help people to avoid spruikers, and we research out-performing locations. To provide the best opportunity for investors to benefit from engaging our services, we tailor advice within the scope of a risk profile, which matches the client by comprehensively evaluating investment structures, investment property, property investment strategies, market conditions, and climate. Considerable due diligence to the client, combined with property choices that have been researched and sourced, is provided in the form of a Statement of Property Investment Advice. We facilitate the ability for investors, who have engaged our services, to make informed decisions based on the quality of a foundation of information.

We take into account the investor’s goals, their lifestyle, and their finances, to find suitable property choices for their circumstances. We state all major assumptions similar to a financial plan or prospectus. All of our recommendations ignore emotion, and the emotive selling that the spruikers and most property marketing companies practice.

Choices of property modeled utilise information of the product’s potential performance, allowing for several property choices to be considered, as they may all meet the client’s risk profile. The main point to recognise here is this all culminates in reducing the urgency to purchase a particular property, and is therefore a more professional process. No glossy brochures with pretty pictures of all the wonderful inclusions — like stone bench tops, plush carpets, and shiny tiles. Most investors just want to know the property will have good potential to grow in value, will attract a good tenant, and will be affordable.

The model we use eliminates service level agreements with developers, which are currently used by many marketing companies. We help you by making sure you avoid situations where you might be given inflated performance projections, and experience pressure sales techniques that are designed to manipulate investors.

All this makes for a regulation-ready advisor, and addresses the concerns expressed by the Government, such as barriers of entry, consumer protection, and the big one, fitness of individuals practicing in the industry.

In Summary

Here is list of problems which you can avoid with the help of property investment consultant in Melbourne

The Solution available

property marketing companies normally do not either, when providing advice, they may only have PI insurance for selling you specific properties.)

The Value of this Solution

Modelling Tools are provided to help you

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