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Do you want to know where to buy?


Do you want to understand how to lower the risk with buying an investment property?


Have you made a past mistake and you want to avoid it?


Where to buy is important but knowing what to buy in an area is also necessary?


We will do all the research and all the sourcing and find an investment property for you in an out performing location, lowering your risk and reducing the impact on your lifestyle.


Everyone should have the opportunity to have a better future, most people do not know where to go to get the right advice.


Think about something very important and something that I found so important and profound for me


Commitment to yourself and your family.


There are only excuses or results, you cannot have both.




I can search and locate property all over Australia by representing the buyer and not the seller. How refreshing, but also unique. Do your self a favour and contact me for a discount of $375 off my normal fee of $990. If you go ahead with a property we find for you I will even rebate the amount you do pay.


Any referral fee I receive is disclosed. Any referral fee I receive is distributed by a third party, I do not represent the vendor. I do not have property lined up to sell you, your needs, goals and borrowing capacity determine where and what I find for you.


Imagine having a property portfolio balanced with capital growth properties and cash flow properties.

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