Ultimately, any property investment needs to be made by beginning with the end in mind.

Consider upfront what you will be looking to do with the property or portfolio of properties as the case may be, as you get closer to hitting the target.


Your next steps.

Becoming wealthy is a process and it takes discipline. You need to follow proven strategies and take action. It may never be too late to start. No matter what your age or current circumstances, make an enquiry today.

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We represent the buyer, not the seller

  • Objective
  • Independent
  • Fact based

Protection from spruikers and estate agents

  • Disclosure of fees
  • No stock lined up to sell
  • No vested interests in one property over another
  • Not limited to any one strategy, propert type of location

Qualified and professional

  •  PIAA and PIPA Accredited
  •  QPIA (Qualified Property Investment Advisor)
  •  3 Masters degrees
  •  A compliant model
  •  Follow a code of conduct
  •  Diplomas in Mortgage Broking and Financial Planning
  •  Provide a PISG (property investment services guide)
  • Insured to provide advice
  •  #1 bestselling and award winning author, writer for several publications

Client centric model

  •  Access to my network (independent team)
  •  All research done for you
  •  Saves you time and money
  •  Reduce risk and negative impact on your lifestyle
  •  Improve potential
  •  Tailored approach to your individual circumstances


Acquisition Phase


  •  Start with your goals and work backwards
  • Determine passive income
  •  Desired exit strategy and phase
  •  Realize the outcome
  •  Monitor proximity to your goals as we progress

Your Current Reality

  •  Assets, liabilities
  •  Income
  • Surplus income
  •  Risk appetite and profile
  •  Full ‘fact find’
  •  Needs, wants, desires

Tailored Advice

  •  An individualised plan of where, what and when to buy
  •  Education on risks & benefits
  •  Risk reduction
  •  Improved potential
  •  Due diligence
  •  Buyers best interest model


  • Review your plan & tweak where necessary
  •  Ongoing assessment of property, suburb performance & yield
  •  Review performance of property manager
  •  Continued implementation of the plan

Negotiate / Auction & Purchase

  •  Acquire the property at the best price possible
  •  Locate property managers, quantity surveyors, insurance providers, property & pest inspectors, mortgage brokers & conveyance firms
  • Develop the team around you

Research & Source

  •  Research suburbs with capital growth, cash flow potential or both
  •  This includes any state in Australia
  •  All types of property considered depending on what suits you: New; (house & land, off the plan or completed), established, house, townhouse, unit, duplex, dual occupancy, regional, inner city, positive cash flow, capital growth
  •  Model holding costs, income & considerations