The Election 2013


I came across this article this morning and I thought it was so appropriate. People often put their lives on hold for Christmas, Elections, Birthdays, Weddings, dinner parties, etc. Excuses just keep on coming, excuses to not take action in life… for a life. Most people, like 97% retire with less than 25k. People are afraid due to lack of knowledge, poor decisions or experiences with their one property. Only 2% of people manage to own more than 1 property. Many of us make a New Years resolution, Let’s make a Post Election resolution….Take Action, seek help, build a team around you.

“Now that the Federal Election is out of the way, can we just get on with it?

As a people, we’re very good at finding excuses to delay decisions or things to blame for our lack of success.

The Federal Election, initially called by Julia Gillard at the beginning of the year, has been a convenient distraction for people who like to procrastinate. The debacle that was the Labor Government, with its in-fighting and inability to deal with the Budget deficit, has been a readymade excuse for people running lazy businesses.

The reality is that, despite everything, Australia remains one of the most prosperous nations on earth. We have not had a recession for 22 years. We have a steadily growing economy, low unemployment, the lowest interest rates ever, strong global demand for our exports (now aided by a lower dollar) and record levels of household wealth.

Despite what the media tells us, housing costs (relative to incomes) are the same as they were in 1995 and housing affordability is the best it’s been since 2003. Real estate markets are growing again.

Now the election is done and Australians have the new government they wanted.

We’re out of excuses.”

By Terry Ryder, 8/9/13

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