Tip to Consider: When buying a Home

Tip to Consider: When buying a Home

Here are some tips that you should consider when buying a property:

          1. Consider your funds.

Your equity position, income, current debt position will all impact on your ability to borrow.

          2. Consider your long term living situation.   

Buying a home is ideal if you intend to live in it for at least five or ten years. There are a few expenses involved with buying a property, so if you intend to upgrade or relocate involving selling, in the coming years, you will need to consider the cost of stamp duty and sales costs.

         3. Consider your buying urgency.

It is preferable to purchase a home with as little stress as possible. Whenever you feel strapped for time, you may agree to less-than-ideal terms or pay more than you’d like. You could be ready to accept any investment plan before even checking to see what else is available.

          4. Consider you family situation

School costs, budget and goals will all impact on decision you can or want to be able to make.

If you’re unsure if now is a good time to invest on a property, it’s a smart option to meet with a mortgage broker. Contact Australian Property Advisory Group right away.

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